Your Children Are At Risk


Our children are at risk, LGBTQ+ degeneracy is being forced on Irish schools by unhinged liberal extremists.

The Catholic ethos of our society has protected us from this for centuries but now our children are left vulnerable!

Join Síol na hÉireann and sign the petition below, it's time to fight back.

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Mike McGuffin

3 months ago

As if it isn't difficult enough these days to keep your children safe. These people are adding self loathing and a twisted sense of reality to a child's mind. It is unforgivable.


4 months ago

As an Irish American I must warn you Irish. It will get much, much, much, much worse!!! Only the Irish can stop this! Be prepared to do whatever it takes, within God's commands. Pray for strength and guidance, you will need it. Your crisis is at hand