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    1.6K Views . 23 Aug 2020
    1.5K Views . 23 May 2020
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    • 00:08:46
      The Inconvenient Truth About Islam
      74 Views . 23 Aug 2020

      Among the many speeches Nick Griffin gave which rattled cages in the European Parliament, this one REALLY rattled cages. It's amazing how much can be said in just 60 seconds when a real wordsmith gets to work!

    • 00:07:35
      Griffin & Syria - BBC Blackout!
      1.6K Views . 23 Aug 2020

      The amazing true story of how Nick Griffin flew into a deadly war zone to write the decisive letter that kept the war criminal David Cameron turning this RAF into the air wing of al Qaeda in Syria. The BBC and the rest of the Fake News media would never let you see this. Watch and find out why!

    • 00:13:22
      Covid19: Fight for Freedom!
      1.5K Views . 23 May 2020

      Fight for Freedom! Nick Griffin warns that the state response to Covid19 will wreck our economy, kill thousands and steal our freedom. And he challenges us all to defy the lockdown.

    • 00:07:34

      Listen as Nick Griffin talks pure sense on Islam.

    • 00:02:43

      Former North West England MEP and British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin tells the truth on immigration sparking huge row with Portuguese Socialist MEP during debate on Asylum

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